OpenHazuki (the network for the people, by the people)


Lucy and Nanoha are Done

Monday, 16.01.2005

The equipment for both lucy and nanoha have been completed. Lucy's got new pictures up. Pictures for nanoha will be coming soon.

Hardware and Mapping

Sunday, 20.11.2005

Well, lucy finally got a dish to use! One set of parts of the link down, several more to go. And in other news, cyanoacry's also been working on mapping (for line-of-sight locations and a better node map). Check out the new geographically-correct node map here.

Some documentation up

Sunday, 06.11.2005

cyanoacry finally finished some sort of documentation. It's rough, but it works. Here it is.

New Nodes!

Sunday, 30.10.2005

There's a new website up, and we've bought two new nodes as well (lucy and nanoha).

Other than that, cyanoacry's finally been able to set aside some time and get some documentation of sorts going. At the very least, it should cover the bare basics of what we need to do.

cyanoacry may document the existing protonetwork tunnels, but don't count on it.