OpenHazuki (the network for the people, by the people)

Welcome to OpenHazuki!

Hello there. OpenHazuki is a community-wide research network based in Pasadena, California. We're trying all sorts of wireless hardware, but for the most part, we're in the beginning stages right now.

What is this?

It's a community wireless network—of sorts. We're not really interested in providing public access just yet (we're currently trying to deploy a backbone), but once that's completed, we'll be able to make the entire city of Pasadena a hotspot. Just imagine, you'd be able to sit at a Starbucks and have a high-bandwidth connection to your house or network miles away.

If you're in the area and would like to help, drop us a line. It'll be fun, I'm sure—come help us connect people in the vicinity!

Why do this?

We think it's a thrill, to be honest. To wire up all of these connections and use the technology in the wild, it's like seeing the dawn of a new era. And if that isn't enough of a reason:

  • We can educate others about how computers work, and how something like the Internet functions. What we're building is essentially a mini-Internet, so you'd be able to play around with it and see how it responds.
  • It's a proving ground for new technologies—say someone developed a new wireless protocol for the computer. We can try it out.
  • Using this network, we can give internet access to people who need it, e.g, people living in remote areas with bad phone lines or no cable access.
  • It's a high-bandwidth network, which means that we can produce our own content and exchange it much more freely. Have a movie you made that you'd like to share with everyone, but your Internet connection's too slow? Join us, then let others join, and you can share that movie at speeds 10 times faster than normal.
  • It's our own. No access fees to pay, no charges, just the cost of buying the equipment and setting it up. We own this network, not a big humungous phone company
  • It's a neat idea to talk about. If someone ever asks you, "What did you do over the break?", will you be able to answer, "I just joined a project to make another Internet"?
  • And finally, if you're on this network, you can be guaranteed that it's a safe haven. There's no DMCA subpeonaing or ISP spies here. Nope, just good old-fashioned fun.

How do you do this?

All we're doing is taking Wi-Fi—yeah, the Wi-Fi you see in Starbucks and other places—and beaming it using antennas to the places we want. Instead of having access in a 400-foot radius, you get access at one place very far away.

The only thing is, though, we need some help. We can't do all of this alone, we're not that rich! So if you have the following things, bring it along when you join, and it'll be a lot of help:

  • Satellite Dishes
  • Microwave-rated Coax
  • Old Computers
  • Old Routers/Wireless Access Points

Of course, we also need a place to mount all of this stuff! You can also lend us your roof—an antenna will go up top just as with regular satellite TV. That's a very helpful contribution as well.

On the connectivity level, it's an idea a lot like BitTorrent. If everyone connects to each other, instead of just having one connection to a central point, like the Internet's currently distributed now, you get speeds that are a lot faster, and definitely more responsive.

Not in the California area?

That's ok too. We're currently using OpenVPN to link up nodes located across the country over the internet, and it's working out just peachy. In fact, this is probably the biggest part of the network so far--anyone can join, no matter where or when. Just contact us below. We've already got over 2 people and growing.

Who's using it?

Right now, the ideal people to use this network are those that transfer large amounts of data, or are especially paranoid about their communications. If you're in either tract, feel free to contact us as stated below, and we'll see about adding you in. (Note: There's a whole lot of good benefits, especially if you're an anime lover (most of the staff over here at OpenHazuki are fans as well.))

The Implementation

If you're interested, I recommend clicking the above "implementation?" link. There, you can find out what's been done on the project so far.

Original Concept

The original idea for this network came from a small tidbit that Raymond Jimenez wrote. It's antiquated already, but it provides interesting insight. (Specifically, it proves that Raymond has no sense of reality, and is ready to change the world with nothing more than the pen in his hand.)

Contact Us

Right now, OpenHazuki is made up of two main people: Raymond ("Cyanoacry") Jimenez and Thomas ("Kaori") Gallen.

Feel free to ask us any questions; go ahead and send us emails with any comments you might have.

You can contact through a number of ways:



You can usually find us here on our nicknames, cyanoacry and Kaori:

#hazuki @